More Bloodshed

3:155 Those of you who turned back on the day the two hosts Met, - it was Satan who caused them to fail, because of some (evil) they had done. But God Has blotted out (their fault): For God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.
What the hell is god's perfect and complete book talking about now? Day two armies met: lemmee see, Stalingrad? Ypres? Normandy? Appotomax? Risk? WoW?
my notes =
140-1 WTF. God is insane, Obviously.
153 ???
This whole part is about the Battle of Uhud, as it turns out. 
March 625, about a year after Badr, the Meccans were sick of this sand pirate cult preying on the trade routes, so they sent a real army, and a great big old can of whoop-ass. The cult had the high ground, and they were winning until the Meccans left their camp unguarded. The Mohammedans dropped their weapons and ran off to start looting the camp, so the pagans kicked their asses. LULZ.

Mo had serious ass to chew. Naturally, he didn't just say “follow orders next time, fuckers” he put it all in god-garble, with a lot of WIL, JAC, and GWFYU. And that became the middle of chapter 3.

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