I'm Halal!

There's this search engine that filters out sites that are Haram (forbidden).  Is that me?  Nope, I'm fucken Halal, ain't that the shits? I felt pretty smug till I found out Pichunter is  Halal, too. So is Cliphunter, but Youporn had a Haram level of 3 out of 3, so I beat them at least. What the hell, are Muslims spozed to watch pornography but only certain types? I'll have to watch for mentions of this in upcoming chapters.
(*ROFL; the youtube video 'Fuck Islam' is Halal.)
(**p.s. "Ham Recipes" is Halal, too. ROFLMAO.  Immaturity, ai haz it.)

Here's my film rating

 This site tests my readibility. It gave me a 12, which puts me up there between the Times and Wall Street Journal.  WHOOO, I'm highbrow!  Uhh, not so much, it's an 8th grade reading level.

Somewhere, there's a website that rates blogs by how much profanity they use. I think I remember getting a high score on that, I wish I could find it again.

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

**Update:  Thanks to Baal's Bum of Anal Iced Bible  fame, below in the comments, I found it.  Results at right. Click the meter to find your own score. 

I'm more wholesome than Rude Pundit (69.7%) or Annotated Rants (100%).


Joé McKen said...

Lulz, I gotta thank you for pointing those websites out. Now, thanks to you, I know that Preliator is rated “R” (double lulz), and that my style of writing, whilst only reaching grade 7.37, is only of 50.55% reading ease.

Dang. Feel so … quantified.

uzza said...

This is funny. My feed only shows the first line of your comment, so I read that and I thought "OMG, I sent people to porn sites, didn't I?" Then I read all of it, and it wasn't what I'd suspected.

How'd your blog rate an R? You hardly even cuss. It must be because you're always talking about perverted sex acts, while I deal with spiritual matters. coff, coff.

Joé McKen said...

As you can see from the rating results page, I apparently use such despicably vile, evil and immoral words as “hell” (7x), “dangerous” (1x), “dead” (3x), and even that most horrible of all … “sex” (5x).

Glad to know I’m so … offensive. I do cuss at times, though granted I do try and at least appear to be civilized and well-raised … *whistles*

Joé McKen said...

Forgot to add (dammit), you can now see my proud badge of inappropriateness boastfully displayed at the bottom of my right sidebar. What a braggart I am.

Joé McKen said...

… Well, now you know more about the impending healthcare reform vote. *bites knuckles* I actually had that URL copied due to a dumbass quote I wanted to use for my sorta-daily Stupid Quote of the Day feature

« I've been known to drop an f-bomb or twelve, heh »

You don’t say.

uzza said...

Oh, but yer a quantified braggart. I didn't get any sex, but I got 4 shits, 3 hells, 2 fucks and a suck. Suck? Srsly? Is that worse than Dangerous? I felt cheated--I've been known to drop an f-bomb or twelve, heh--So I hunted up my most pottymouthed post, and I'm still only NC-17. This sucks.

ps. You screwed up your tag.

Baal's Bum said...

The site you want is

Joé McKen said...

Thanks, Baal’s Bum.

FTR, I now know Preliator cusses at a 10.2% level (or “Medium”). My previous blog, Respectful Defiance, got a 13.9%; Pharyngula gets 13.9% as well. Dang it, I need to start swearing more. Fart fart poopy crap damn. Hell.