I'm God!

So you're at work or somewhere and the boss spouts off with a gem like this,
If I give an order, nobody has any choice but to obey it.” Rant rant. “I can never do anything wrong.”
what would be your reaction? You'd laugh your ass off, right? And say “Who died and made you god?”and “Sod off, you fucking egomaniac” and shit like that? I wanted to write some [uncontrollable mocking guffaw], but how do you spell that? Something like BWAHAHAHAHAAAA? Because look at this:

[33:36] No believing man or believing woman, if GOD and His messenger issue any command, has any choice regarding that command. Anyone who disobeys GOD and His messenger has gone far astray.
[33:38] The prophet is not committing an error by doing anything that is made lawful by GOD. Such is GOD's system since the early generations. GOD's command is a sacred duty.

Talk about ego. I could see it if he said that about god, but that's not what he's saying. “And his Messenger?” Eat me. Nobody has any choice but to obey his messenger? BWAHAHAHAHHAA.

That's how it always is with prophets. Give them an inch and they take a galaxy.What a dick.


PersonalFailure said...

Actually, if my boss is God, everything makes a lot more sense. Everything.

Lorena said...

When I got to the part where you mention ego, I was thinking that f*g Mohammad sounds like those egotistic, charlatan preachers who go to 3rd world countries to offer gold dentures for those who truly believe.