Jihad Verses

There are people who say the quran is a war-mongering piece of hate speech. Oh yeah? Well, look at these verses.
3:28 don't be friends with unbelievers
3:118-120 ditto
3:112 “degraded they shall live”   Wtf???(ppl of the Book; = perverts & cowards)
3:142 you only get to heaven by fighting
3:156-8 more calls for jihad
3:165-8 more jihad calls
3:195 clear call for martyrdom !!
3:195. ... And those who were deprived of their homes or banished in My cause, and who fought and were killed, I shall blot out their sins and admit them indeed into gardens with rippling streams." -- A recompense from God, and the best of rewards is with God.


The.Calcutta Quran Petition said it was hate speech. Geert Wildersdid. The Happy Heretic says it is under Canadian law. Religion of Peace says it is. Winston Churchill said it was another Mien Kampf. The LA School District did. ........
The question is, are these people right?

And another question is, do fish shit in the sea?


Lorena said...

A long time ago I wrote about
the Vedanta Society . The Group believes that all religions are good, and its guru was a converted Christian, a converted Muslim, and a Buddhist, I think.

They think they're pretty cool for accepting everyone. And I think they're a bunch of hypocrites. The religions, especially Christianity and Islam, have a dark side which they choose to ignore.

I just will never understand why anybody can call good any religion that speaks of solving problems via killing other living beings.

Thank you for citing specific Koran verses. Those of us that will never bother can now say with a straight face that the verses ARE there.

uzza said...

That was an interesting read. I've heard of these guys but never thought much about them. I agree seeking can leave you lonely. it is to laugh!

I just kept thinking, I wonder if all those different religions hang out in different parts of you. What if your liver declared Jihad on you kidney? Would the pancreas step in to mediate? Whose side would the sex organs take? There could be a novel in this.