Jonah, Sura 10

Surah 10 has one passing reference to Jonah, so they named it Jonah. Then about this Mohammed guy

verse 2: “the unbelievers say: "He is a clear sorcerer."

He can quit worrying if he's insane or not, because they had a meeting. Here's the whole thing, from the hadith:

Abu Jahl and other leaders in the persecution of the Holy Prophet assembled together to ponder what name to give to the Prophet. Somebody suggested that he was a poet, but Walid said that his word was not like that of a poet. Another suggested that he was a soothsayer, but Walid rejected this, too, on the ground that Muhammad never spoke a lie, whereas the soothsayers often proved liars. A third suggestion was that he was a madman, but this too was found inconsistent with the circumstances of the Holy Prophet’s life. Then Walid left the company, his comrades thinking that he was going over to Islam. Abu Jahl followed him to question him about the matter, and was told that, after pondering deeply on the question, he had come to the conclusion that the Prophet was a sahir, i.e., an enchanter, because, he said, “It is the enchanter who separates the father from the son, the brother from the brother, and the husband from the wife”. Thereupon a proclamation was made in the streets of Makkah that the Prophet was a sahir.

Sorcerer, enchanter, whatever. Notice they said he's not a poet? bwaaa haa haa. Whatever he is, he sure asks some silly questions. Like this one;

17. Who is more unjust than he who imputes lies to God or denies His revelations?

.... uhh, people who cheat at Scrabble? Murderers, child abusers, all sorts of people. Really, on the list of unjustitudes, anything you say about imaginary critters is pretty close to the bottom. Why even ask? Speaking of unjust, this line really stopped me in my tracks.

19. Men were once a community of one faith; but they differed (and followed different ways). Had it not been for the word proclaimed by your Lord before, their differences would have been resolved.

My guess is he follows the bible version of history--all Noah's d00ds would be all one faith, they all got along together, and then god had to go open his big mouth. The Crusades, the wars in the Mideast, the various Holocausts, all because god had to go and say that one word. I wonder what it was, too, cuz it makes George Carlin's seven words look really tame! I got my mouth washed out once for saying “Geez” (Mom claimed it was short for “Jesus.”) but I didn't start a war or nothing. Seems like somebody ought to take some soap to god's mouth, if you ask me.

Turns out there's another way to interpret this. All babies are born muslim, whatever that means, so any Hindu, Zoroastrian, Taoist or whatever has to be a convert. That makes them apostates, so they have to be killed, which makes for an awful lot of work for the few muslims that are left. What moron would say that? Well,

The Prophet Muhammad said, "No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist." (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)

Put that together with ...

Allah's Apostle (said), 'Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.' (Bukhari 9:84:57)

... and you get life under Muslims in the 12th century Spain;

the [Muslim] custodians are able to dispose of our young children and their belongings as they see fit. If they were given to an individual who feared Allah, then he would endeavor to educate the children in his religion, for one of their principles is that all children are originally born as Muslims and only their parents bring them up as Jews, Christians, or Magians. Thus, if this individual educates them in [what they state is] their original religion [i.e., Islam] and does not leave the children with those [i.e., the Jews] that will abduct them therefrom, he will obtain a considerable reward from Allah…

This is not hard to believe, since the Christians did exactly the same to Native Americans until right up into the 20th century. If you want blood and gore, the links tell how both groups did their share of the killing part too. Gawd that's some depressing shit. Makes you wanna stand up and shout it:

Religion, Huh, Yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely Nuthin!

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