Here's a Thought.

A lot of people seem to look at this blog, but you'd never know it. Here's an idea--leave a fucken comment, why doncha, so I won't feel like I'm just masturbating. I'll even give some suggestions to help you get started.

1. Your blog sucks! You can't write and your jokes are stupid. Throw your computer away, you suck.
3. Best blog ever!!
4. Your lucid prose and penetrating analysis has given me revelatory new insights into the holy book of Islam.
5. You're boring.
6. How come you never talk about the Steelers?
7. I'll pray for you.
8. More naked Boobs!!

Even the old standby “Fuck You!” would be nice. It ain't like it's gonna kill ya or nothin'.


aniket said...

I'll pray for ya ...;)

ok .. I confess
i hv been a peepin' Tom on this blog for a while.
i liked your blog, though i never left any comment
I'm sorry Father..for i hv sinned.
Please forgive me!!

Andy Holroyd said...

I too called back to watch the wan*ing again. No seriously, I enjoy your humour and outspokenness. Keep up the good work.

Mathurine said...

I like the blog, but I find it hard to take any Quran criticism seriously from a pagan same as I don't really put too much credence in Christian criticisms of the Quran; I prefer it from people who don't have any imaginary friends at all.

Also, some of the methods of quoting and retelling things illustrate a lack of basic study in Islamic mythology and theology and that bothers me. If we're going to highlight the ugly truths of Islam, it has to be done right. just my opinion. You asked.

uzza said...

I have an imaginary friend? Who?

alan said...