Allah is not All powerfull

I know, I know, Mohammed keeps insisting his big old lonesome god is the awesome-est, but look what it says right here.

11:118. But if your Lord had pleased He could have made all human beings into one community of belief. But they would still have differed from one another,
11:119. Except those on whom your Lord had mercy for which He has created them. But fulfilled shall be the word of your Lord. "I will fill up Hell with jinns and men."
He says he could make people all one group, but then says he couldn't—they'd still differ. So he lied, right? He really CAN”T make them all one community. The ones he didn't show mercy to would still differ from one another.
Well hey, god, here's an idea, why not just show mercy to all of them? Nobody'll differ, they'll be all one community, and you won't look like a bozo. Turns out god can't do that either, because he made a promise to fill up hell, and that's more important. Who'd he make this promise to? Maybe that guy up in v2 that he's bringing a message from?

Mo is clearly losing it. Don't believe me? Look how chapter 11 ends:
(demented aphasic ranting in italics, abuse apologism in bold. click in sidebar for acronyms)
100 See?
101 wasn't my fault, they made me do it
102-6 I do it to everybody
107-8 WIFL
109 noncultists, GWFYU
110 I made people disagree about the bible.
111 IKE
112-3 don't sin or GWFYU
114 good deeds nullify bad ones
115 I reward cultists
116-7 NAM. they made me kill them all
118 god can't do everything,
119 gotta fill up hell
120-2 all those horror stories are to make you behave
123 IKE
It looks like all those years of not making converts has put Mo right round the bend. Sad, really. We have medicine for things like this nowadays.

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