Mohammed the Red-nosed Prophet

This is something I wrote back around winter solstice:

Mohammed the red faced preacher
had an epileptic fit.
And if would have heard him,
he said some really stupid shit.

All of the camel drivers
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let Mohammed
play erotic camel games.

A caravan came by and caused
Mohammed to say:
"Muslims with your swords so bright,
let's kill all these guys tonight."

Then all the muslims told him
carryin' off their slaves and loots,
Mohammed the red faced pirate,
we will be your new recruits.

just thought I'd share.

1 comment:

HolyDude said...

Cool Jingle Uzza! You are working up your infidel reward points rather well! Load up on skin-lotion, you have a special seat in the hot-house :) Keep a good seat for me too :)