Hobbes Kicks Mo's Ass!

Over at Lolkoran, we ran this poll to see what other books people might want to use as a "guide for living". Here's how it turned out:

C&H was my suggestion, because whenever there's talk about the "Meaning of Life" I think of this one cartoon [revelation?]. I can't find it on the web, but here is more or less how it went:

Calvin: I don't get it. If we're just going to die anyway, what's the point of living?

(He and Hobbes ponder this for a frame or two, as autumn leaves fall around them)

Hobbes: Well, there's tuna fish.

WOOT! How profound is that? Buddha would be dead of the jealous. 'Course, old poopy-pants Mohammed wants you to ignore tuna fish, and not "let the world beguile you". I bet he never had a fuzzy bear when he was little.

Go, Hobbes! Live for the pizza, the sunsets, the chocolate dipped ice cream cones, spider webs in the morning dew!
And tuna fish.

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