Talking Ants

That's a Hoopoe bird up there. The Koran says he can talk. Seriously. Sura 27 is titled The Ant, because Solomon talks to birds and ants. I shit you not, there are people who take this literally. There's also Moses, Thamud, and Lot again.

The rest is; Pay Pray 'n Believe, god is hot shit, yawn, the good will be saved, the bad will go to hell, yawn. Zzzzzz.... It's like someone was transcribing a CD and never realized it was set on repeat. Verse 66-74 has stupid debate tricks

67. Those who do not believe, say: "When we and our fathers have turned to dust, how shall we be raised again?

68. "Indeed we and our fathers had been promised this before. It is nothing but the earlier people's lore."

People told Mo “ We've heard this crap before and it's bullshit. When we die we turn to dust, so how are we gonna get brought back to life?” A pretty good question. Let's see what brilliant counter argument the God/Mohammed debate team comes back with to absolutely PWN their opponents. Remember, one of them is Omniscient, so they know the best possible answer --- This has got to be good --- Here it comes ---

69. Say: "Travel in the land and see how (bad) was the end of sinners."

AAAGHH! THAT'S IT?? They'll see a lot of people who died and turned to dust, which will definitely and positively prove them right and God wrong. What kind of rebuttal is that? Which side is God on here anyway? If that's the kind of arguments Mo came up with, it's easy to see how he could preach in Mecca for thirteen years and not make any converts. He couldn't convince a Chihuahua to hump your leg.

Sura 28, more of the same, 88 verses, nothing new. Verses 76-82 tell about Qarun or Korah, some guy who was really rich and everybody envied him, but he said he got that way by his own efforts, so god opened up the earth and swallowed him up, natch.

So these two chapters were duds. But wait till you see what happens next!

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