Sour Grapes

According to tradition the first revelation was chapter 96, then Mo waited 6 months and had chapter 68. The story goes on with Mo talking to himself in the cave, after he decided god likes him best (that was the last half of 96), but first it says Mo's not crazy, something that was actively under discussion around town.

Here's Mo: "They said I was nuts! Waahh, I'm not. I'm special!" and he calls on a book again for proof; in line 37, he's all "Who says? You got a book from god telling you shit?" Why would he ask that? He knew the Jews did have such a book, and the pagans in Mecca didn't. So he wanted to be like the Jews. So he needs a book. Not being able to read it poses a small problem, LOL! Book envy! And line 47 too,

(47)Do they have secret knowledge they write down? [hint hint like meee!! hint]. Fuck.

Then comes the most transparent middle school whining every JHS counselor is sick of, about how they won't let him do what he wants; they're every kind of bastard; and god will show them you just wait and see, fuck those guys, they're bitches, yada yada, I'll show them. Mo calls them: contemptible swearer, backbiter, calumniator, slanderer, the transgressor, the iniquitous, Crude, and above all, mean and infamous. Wow! He forgot to say they're poopy.

Especially that temple guard,

(12) Who hinders men me from doing good what I want. (14) Simply because he possesses wealth and children.

Ahh, it's the rich kid Mo's pissy at. And when he gets to the inevitable end part "I'll show him" he isn't just gonna kick his ass (lol, because if he could've he wouldn't be off sulking in a cave) no, God is gonna kick his ass!

"Me and whose army? God's army, that's who! Take that fucker!"

Looks like Mo was thinking big even in the early days.

With that off his chest, he tells a parable. These guys had a garden and they wouldn't share anything. When they went out to harvest, the poor people had snuck in the night before and took everything. So then they were like, "I guess it serves us right for being such selfish assholes". Wow, finally, a cool story with a moral and everything (even if it is just a thinly disguised rant on the Meccans). Go, Mo, now you're getting this prophet stuff!
It's verses 17-34, a whole third of the chapter, before it trails off into threats and whines again. This chapter is 30% moral guidance sandwiched between two thirds juvenile pissing and moaning. Is Mo a multiple? A Sybil of the Sands? What other personalities will come out? Stay tuned....


Fiery said...

So how is this the religion of peace again? I'm waiting for the peace part. Should I be holding my breath?

uzza said...

Hi, Fiery, nice to see you here! Don't hold yer breath tho--you could die.