Looking for logic in all the wrong places

Mo's spewing out some pretty short chapters here at the beginning, but he got to be a terrific windbag later on, so I wondered if maybe there was a trend; as he got more confident, and his cult got more brainwashed, it'd be natural for him to make longer rants. So I charted the chapters from first to last revealed, by how long they were, thinking this might show more of a pattern than the first one. But,

Logic, smlogic; this doesn't make any sense either. One thing, all the earliest chapters are short. It does make sense that he could last longer once he didn't have to worry about people dumping camel guts on him. This early period (I marked it in red) is called the Early Meccan, its chief characteristic being "short rhythmic and rhyming verses, vivid imagery based on nature and frequent introductory oaths" similar to the old pagan poets.

Otherwise, there's no pattern. I wondered if the really long ones would correspond to important events, like maybe he'd have a lot to say before or after a major battle, so I looked at that one longest one. It's the Cow, 286 verses and here's what I found out:

Crap! I'm like a drowning person desperately grasping for any rope of logic to cling to, and they just keep pulling them away.

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