Suspicious Acts

There's a couple of odd things in the Book of Acts. Paul revives a dead guy who fell out a 3rd story window. A viper bites him and he just shakes it off.

I'd take these stories more serious if they hadn't happened to me. Not the gory details, the process. We used to have a branch dojo in another town that I visited every week or so. Students look up to their instructor, but they see him every day, so meh. His instructor, though, who must be even better and that they only hear about, they really put up on a pedestal. It gets ridiculous.

Once, in a shopping center there, I think I told a guy to piss off. Came back two weeks later, met the manager, he brought me up to date: the story by now was, there were two guys, giving me shit, I kicked both their asses. We never knew where these rumors came from, but I had been in fights, beat up bad guys, broken huge beams, leaped tall buildings, flown, shit golden bricks for all I know. Maybe brought dead guys back to life, and shook off poison snakes, who knows? [insert Chuck Norris joke here]

So excuse me if I'm a little cynical when I hear all these same rumors about Jesus and Co.

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