Have a Donut

Well that explains it.

It's National Police Week.

I couldn't understand how any judge could possibly make a ruling like this, (or this), but now I see. What better present for our boys in blue than a free pass to break into anyone's home, at any time, for any reason, so they can do shit like this.
(My favorite is keeping the medics out for over an hour while waiting for the guy you shot 60 times to die, but you might prefer keeping the homeowner out of their own house for three days while you look for your gun that you lost in there.)

It won't be long, we're training up congressmen who torture people right now, over in Afghanistan, so pretty soon cops'll get to do all the stuff the CIA gets to do. Until then the least we can do for Officer Friendly Bubbles is get that nasty old Fourth Amendment out of his way.

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