Massachusetts Sex Ban

There's a shit smearing loon in MA trying to pass a law to prevent married people from screwing.

In this video you can watch Thom Hartman being Waaaaay too easy on the whackjob.

The guy (a town selectman no less)'s as articulate as a cabbage, but if you sort through his drivel it comes out as
"Wahh! / my ex got a new boyfriend / sluts(female) must be punished!"
The people in Mass. could spend their time a lot better by figuring out a law to keep fuckwits out of  local government.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that is hilarious.

It's one of those "is he evil or just stupid" conundrums. From the questions, it seems that his proposed bylaw is drafted broadly enough to include a married couple having sex with each other while divorce proceedings are pending, but he kept denying that, and saying it was necessary to protect the children (it didn't seem to be limited to cases where there are children, however), and at one point talked about "preventing family violence". Either he doesn't realize it is drafted that broadly (stupid) OR he is pretending he doesn't but really intending to punish the one who stays in the matrimonial home (what Uzza said, and evil) or he is trying to chill sex between a couple who are contemplating splitsville, which is really evil and also creepy. Or he thinks sex is violence, which is evil and stupid both.