[Originally posted on 05/12/11 8:23 AM, before Blogger went darkside and tried to abduct everybody's posts. But with the help of Awesome Joe at Preliator Pro Causa, I got it back, bwahahaha]

Every day, the sun comes up, the catholic church gets upset about some thing. And every day it's always the wrong thing. Here's another case where the RCC goes deer hunting and bags a mess of carp. Another Italian advert is taking the piss out of religion, but this time

"It's a sordid concept and incredibly insulting,"

sez the Catholic Bishops Conference and fuck me if they aren't right. As to the REASON it's insulting though, they haven't got a clue. They're upset because

"The reference to Christ is explicit and deeply offensive to religious sentiment,"

sez the Catlicks. Yeah, see here's Christ, and ZOMG he might have to FUCK A FAT CHICK! The Horror! The Horror!
Insulting a guy who's been dead for 2,000 years if he ever existed at all? HORROR! OUTRAGE!
Insulting millions of actual living people, with feelings? Doesn't even occur to them to notice.

Here's the stupidisgusting ad; see if you can find anything offensive


JoƩ McKen said...

I’m “Awesome”? Awesome.

Nameless Cynic said...

OK, so we can't have any bearded guys with their arms strung out to the sides? Gonna be hard to show pictures of prisoner torture, then.

You can see where they get their faux "outrage," but Jesus! (so to speak) Grow up!

As to the actual situation, how did he actually turn on his cell? Did Dad call him? 'Cause I don't think that Pietro here is dialing anybody. (For that matter, if Dad called him, did he just slam his head into his shoulder until he randomly tapped the button? Without dislodging the bluetooth?)

(Just some side comments. I have nothing pithy to say about the sizism (weightism?) issue here.