Perve Poll

There's this:  (no, srsly, there is)

and then there's this.

Both of these are kind of like a Sybian, but, omg, shudder ..


which is skeevier...

Extra bonus question

Do you still hold any hope for the human species?

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D'Ma said...

Okay, I reckon I'm being a bit naive or stupid here, but, ....what's the difference in the first one between that machine and masturbating? Except $$$?

And in the case of the second one...I've never, not ever, had the urge to just kiss an inanimate object. I'm not sure I understand the appeal to having that machine. I don't want anything kissing me that doesn't have lips, a face, arms, hands, and well...a body attached to it.

On both accounts just....ewwwwwwww!!!!!