Locks of Love

So OK hair.

It's been over five years since my last  {*even after all these years i feel like i should say "bless me father..." here}my last haircut .  My ponytail was over ten inches long, so that meant I got to donate it to

to help kids.  They do good work, so check them out.

In the mail they sent me the neatest little Certificate of Donation: I think I'll  this one more than all the official ones from colleges and stuff. 

Update: I may have been pwned.  Nameless Cynic did the homework, here is some of what he reports (with pics even):

I'm going to keep my eye on Locks of Love, but at this point, I'm not comfortable donating to them. However, with just a little research, I found several other charities doing pretty much the same thing.

There's Wigs for Kids, which was started by a hairdresser named Jeffrey Paul

For our British friends, there's the Little Princess Trust, which is based in the United Kingdom ...
there's Zichron Menachem in Israel - in case you don't read Hebrew, here's the Wikipedia entry.

And there's Pantene Beautiful Lengths, run, in a fascinating bit of synergy, by the shampoo company of the same name. They provide free wigs to cancer survivors; ...

And here's the thing: I haven't found out anything negative about the Pantene charity.


Nameless Cynic said...

Ummm... I don't want to be the one to break this to you, but your research may not have been deep enough.

They might be good now. But then, they might not.

uzza said...

No, no, BE the one. Thank you for telling me this.

Nameless Cynic said...

Don't feel bad about it: they might have gotten better. I just thought I'd wait until they had a few years where they qualified as a charity.

They're the high-profile company, because Oprah pimped 'em for a while (might still be - I have a vast wall of indifference between me and Oprah), so everybody knows they exist.