Director Pipsqueak

By now everyone has seen this story and tossed their cookies over how the Jewish Fanatics photoshopped
the picture, by taking out the two women to make it look like this (Fuck you, Hasidic Jews):
Blag Hag covers that, but what I wanna know is, Who is that little pipsqueak half out the door, trying to peer in over the shoulders of all the big important White, Old , Rich, Males that are blocking her view?  Some staffer, maybe, sneaking a peek at the big important doings after dropping off fresh coffee?


The White House identifies her as "Audrey Tomason Director for Counterterrorism".  Who the whatfuck?   Daily Beast is asking what that means too, but nobody knows. Here's the biggest counterterrorism op since God kicked the snake out of Eden, this person is the "Director", and just to get a look at what's going on she has to squeeze her head around another guy in the back row who's peeking over the shoulder of some other guy in the no seats overflow crowd, ?  She's the Director?

Maybe they just hand out fancy titles that don't mean anything.
Maybe they treat all their woman employees this way.
Maybe they misidentified the only other woman.
Maybe the white house is full of shit.


ps.  Dependable Renegade fixed the picture
artwork via twolf, hat tip Dependable Renegade


Nameless Cynic said...

Maybe she got there late?

(But I think the picture was from twolf...)

uzza said...

You are right. I've corrected, thanky.

Anonymous said...

She's the director of counter-terrorism in the executive office, according to the White House statement. In other words she coordinates that area of policy in the White House.

She's not part of any agency who's role is to actually carry out counter-terrorism. And though employed there, she's not part of the senior staff in the West Wing.