More like this, please

Twice this week our legislators have done something admirable. Mad props to:
Senator Vi Simpson of Indiana, who punked the theocrats with their stupid creationism bill.

You want theories on the creation of life? Scientology, beeyitches!

and Senator Janet Howell of Virginia, 'you touch our junk, we touch yours' . From the comments:

the requirement to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test actually is much more defensible then the ultrasound requirement.
Viagra,cialis and the like are for ED, an enlarged prostate can cause ED so it is advisable to rule that out, these drugs are also notorious for raising the stress on the heart so again it is a good idea to check for these problems before prescribing them.
However an ultrasound during the first trimester does nothing but establish the fact that they are pregnant, this was already established otherwise you would not be there for an abortion.


Also this week,props to
the Federal Court, for nailing the coffin shut on Proposition 8, and

the whole internet, for  kicking Susan G. Komen's ass.


LOL!  Add another one!  Senator Constance Johnson of Oklahoma. 
"... Every sperm is sacred ... "

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