Thanksgiving Prayers

It's time for a Thanksgiving feast, held to express gratitude for our blessings at the end of the harvest season. Before the meal tradition is to give a short prayer, grace or blessing of thanks to God . Here's mine.

Screw God, I'm thanking the Turkey. When he said "this is my flesh," he wasn't fucking around.

Or if you're classy, my Thanksgiving Unprayer:

On this day,
when Earth tilts away from the Sun
and the world lies dormant,
it's appropriate to pause for a moment
and express appreciation for all that we have.

To express awe and reverence for the
nuclear furnace that formed this planet from interstellar dust,
the natural processes that organized its elements
into the carbon we are made of, and water,
that enables life to exist, to reproduce itself,
to be mobile, and conscious,
so we are able to appreciate our good fortune.

To thank our predecessors who
developed eyes to see the sunrise,
ears to hear music,
brains to understand
and a society to share all this.

Thank our fellow beings,
who share this earth
and who produce the oxygen we breathe,
the food we eat, the medicines we need,
and provide us with companionship.

Thank our ancestors who
freed us from superstition,
learned about the world
and passed on their knowledge
so that we enjoy the luxuries of our modern lives.

On a personal level, we thank
our parents for bringing us into this world,
and those who are here to share this day with us,
and not least, this fellow creature,
who gave up its life
so that we might continue on
in this great cycle we celebrate.


Cynical Nymph said...

This is lovely. :) Thanks for sharing it.

Uruk said...

Wow! I think I might say this at our thanksgiving meal.

And you know, you've really got a point about Mr. Turkey being the one who is truly sacrificing his flesh and his blood so that we might live.

Cool post!

denelian said...

that WAS lovely - it literally brought tears to my eyes. *sniff*

no, really - it's awesome. you should write more poetry :)

uzza said...

Thanks to all you guys. Readers who appreciate my stuff, another thing I have to be thankful for.