What's this Blog?

What's this blog about, anyway? I could use some advice, because I don't fucken know. Oddly enough, people read this, so I thought maybe they could help me.

It started out with reading the Koran and recording my impressions. Back then I only posted stuff if it was related to the Mohammedan's Book.  I was focused, baby, on task.

After I finished the Koran I missed blogging, but I needed something to blog about. I started doing the New Testament, but let's face it the bible is BORING, and besides, everybody does it. It's really hard to stick with it, I keep getting distracted by current events, aka things to bitch about.

I don't want to just bitch, so I try to hunt up "good news"--things that are inspiring or admirable, to keep alive a little spark of hope, spread some love. Humor is good. You might not have noticed that I try to be humorous.
Oh well, here's the deal: you tell me what makes you come to this blog, and I'll try to write more of it. Deal?


Anonymous said...

I come for the combination of smart, witty bitching and inspiration/spark stuff. One or the other alone would get tired.

Please don't stop.

Uruk said...

In my opinion, you're Uzza, the Goddess . . . and you're sharing your deified and celestial insight with those mortals who will listen.

That's one thing I find quite witty about your blog-- you tend to post from that perspective; An ancient deity dealing with modernity-- the fact that many modern people seem no more informed about religion than people from thousands of years ago.

But even when you post as "yourself" and put aside the Uzza persona, you posts are still very insightful and thought provoking. I enjoy visiting your site very much. Just "do you" and we'll keep reading.

PersonalFailure said...

Really, it's your quick, biting wit and willingness to take on anything and anyone. I love that.

Oh, you should probably turn off anonymous commenting. DM's back.

Ian said...

I read you blog because of your excoriating wit and your particular angle on male sexuality. Both of which are great.