The Price of Pigs

Looking up this possessed by demons business, I got back to the famous pig murders Mark and Matt tell about.

The pigs were murdered by Jesus and some demons, who seem to be parasitic vampires, because they can't just go away, they need a living host to feed on. And they're really stupid, since for their new hosts they asked for pigs: pigs who immediately ran into the sea and died, which would leave the demons without a host again, flying around looking for new people to infest, like for instance the guy/s dumb old Jesus just drove them out of.

M & M don't agree on whether it was one guy or two, or how many pigs. Matt just says a herd, but Mark tells you there were two thousand pigs.

Just. Hold. It.

Who'd those pigs belong to? Wasn't Jesus. His followers may act like pigs, but even they call him a shepherd, not a pig farmer.

Also, they weren't wild. With a herd of wild pigs around, you have more to worry about than some measly demon. Somebody owned those pigs. Livestock would cost about the same whenever, in relative terms, so I googled how much it costs to buy a pig nowadays. I got this:
“The average cost to bribe a police officer is unknown”
Not much help. A little rooting, and it turns out, unless it's a purebred Curlycoat or some such, a regular pig goes for about a hundred bucks. 2000 of them--that herd of pigs was worth two hundred thousand dollars!


Let's recap. Jesus fucked over some farmer for 200 grand, because a demon asked him to. The moral of this story is what again?

You gotta laugh at the last line:
(Mark 5:17) And they began to pray him to depart
LOL---I bet they did.

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