Bear Buffalo Bear

Bear bear bear.

Of course they do. They don't give birth to buffalo, now do they? They give birth to little baby bruins, and the baby bear they gave birth to grow up and bear little bruins themselves. In other words, bruins that bruins bear, bear other bruins. Or, to not waste words,

Bear bear bear, bear bear.

They run around naked, too, so you could say

Bare bear bare bear bear bare, bear bare bear bare.

When you say this out loud you've got ten, which is two more than that famous Buffalo sentence.

Bear with me now, these aren't wild bears, they belong to the Baer family, and that lets us put in three more, but it's hard to figure out exactly where to stick them:
Bare bear bare bear bear bare, bear bare bear bare. That is to say:
Naked bruins (that) (other) naked bruins gave birth to as naked cubs, give birth to (other) nude bruins (that are) naked. The ones in bold are the ones that belong to the Baers, so

Bare Baer bear bare Baer bear bear bare, bear bare Baer bear bare.

That's thirteen, but the Baers run a huge ranch with two bear compounds, one at Mount Stetson and the other in—you guessed it—the Behr valley. There are Stetson Baer bear and Behr Valley Baer bear. Now, the Smiths also raise bears in Behr valley, so when you talk about Behr Valley bear, you have to specify if you mean the Smith's Behr bear, or the Baer Behr bear. Of course, we're not talking about the Smiths, so we mean

Bare Baer Behr bear bare Baer Behr bear bear bare, bear bare Baer Behr bear bare.

That's grammatically correct, but it bears repeating that it's a bear of a sentence. I hope it's not too much to bear.


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