How it Feels to be a Woman

Kevin Foley, Australia's deputy Premiere, went out barhopping, was out  on the streets alone around 3 a.m., and somebody punched him out.  Deborah, In a Strange Land, has a post that's worth repeating the whole thing.

News flash. One is entitled to walk on city streets without being assaulted

Pop on over to Dr Cat’s blog to read her excellent analysis of this claim
Ministers arriving for cabinet yesterday said Mr Foley was entitled to walk on a city street at any hour without being assaulted.
Now you know how it feels to be a woman, Kevin (SA edition)


money quote from Dr. Cat:
Yes he is. And I'm sure none of those Ministers would even dream of saying Well, clubbing and pissed on the streets in the small hours, he was just asking for it. I wonder if he was scantily clad.


Andy said...

Hey, that guy who leaves the rambling comment (known as DM and Nostrodamus) is a regular troll on atheist sites. He's sent death threats to PZ Meyers (Pharyngula) and to the guy running Deep Thoughts. I have had to block him off of my site and Blag Hag has had to do the same.

uzza said...

Yeah, DorkyMan is a regular here, too. I'm soon to be beheaded, it seems.

You're all invited to attend the event, and urged to stay for a game of soccer after. I'll provide the ball.