Goatse of the Year Bryan Fischer complains that the Medal of Honor has been feminized. How exactly was that done, I wondered. Do the medals have little genitals, so you can go in and do a sex change operation? How do you sex a medal in the first place? Not being sure, I did some research, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!111ll!11

That's the Air Force version up there.  The army one has a picture of Minerva on it--another Woman! And the Navy one, OMManlyG, it has a picture of Minerva too, and she's kicking some man's ass. A woman. Beating a man! The Horror! The Horror!!

"Two figures appeared on the inverted five-point star, Discord and Minerva, the goddess who represented both war and the ancient wisdom of the Athenian democracy. On the Medal of Honor, Minerva defends herself with a shield of stars and stripes while she holds for attack an axe in a fasces, a collection of tightly bound sticks that, for the Romans, symbolized authority through unity and singularity of purpose. By contrast, her opponent, Discord, is armed only with writhing serpents."
---Mikaelian, Allen and Wallace, Mike. Medal of Honor: Profiles of America's
Military Heroes from the Civil War to the Present
. Hyperion 2002. 

This is kind of interesting, and that noise you hear in the background is Mr. Goatse screaming why would those manly military man's men put such an unmanly thing on their manly medal?  I think there's more to this being a hero gig than he will ever understand.    

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