Socialism is Coming

Any place where political parties run ads like this sure beats hell out of this place. We should have a Socialist Party. I'll bring the tea beer.

Maybe someone can explain how this is an attack on women?

Funniest complaint: when equality Minister Bibiana Aido called it "a misleading advert". It could lead people to believe ... oh, never mind.

Funniest comment: "I'll vote what she's voting."

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Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, me, I can explain how it's an attack on women!

First of all, you have to start with the proposition that rape = sex.

See, there's your problem right there, you think they are different things. But if you can get your head around "rape = sex", then it's pretty obvious that sex = rape. If a woman is getting off, then she's being attacked. That's why women "ask for it". Cause rape = sex! See, it all makes sense now!

Anybody who thinks this is an attack on women - well, just don't be alone with that person. That's just asking for it.

PS: Ain't nothin' wrong with socialism.