Quran in the News

Just when we're reading chapter 4, here it turns up in the news!  Before the Fort Hood killer went apeshit and murdered all those people, he was hanging with the imam asshole in the pic. He's a popular lecturer hatemonger who taught at this islamic center, has the usual rap sheet involving hookers and such, been associated with terrorism for years, and now he's in Yemen, calling the murderer a hero, and citing this verse:

[4:138] Inform the hypocrites that they have incurred painful retribution.
[4:139] They are the ones who ally themselves with disbelievers instead of believers. Are they seeking dignity with them? All dignity belongs with GOD alone.

See, right there, where it says "murder your friends"?  You can't see it? Well, that's because you don't have your fundy fuckwit glasses on.  He does. There's plenty of Bad Shit in this book, but pricks like him don't even need it.

While we're at it, just so we're not picking on muslims, here's a fucken Rabbi who says murdering babies is just peachy, and more news about the good old Catholic Church, who even lends the murderers a hand. I'm so glad these guys have God giving them a moral code; just think if they were atheists!

Now, just to keep from being all grumpy, and because shitforbrains up there deserves it, I give you: LOLAnwars.  Yay!

(hat tip to Signy at Here in Glitnir for this)

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