Evil Bargains

Yeah, we're into chapter 3 now, and ZOMG this thing is 200 verses! CH 2 was 286, and I thought I'd die of old age in them. Hopefully Mo's settled into his new rape and pillage project by now and won't be flip flopping and being all obscure. It starts out the same, TIT, GWFYU, YAGTH, WIFL, then it says people lust after women. So obviously women are not ppl. Except lesbians. Lesbians are FTW.
Lines 19 and 105 talk about how ppl didn't differ till this revelation came with clear proofs .... Dude, if people are still arguing after your proofs, maybe yer proofs just suck. D'ja ever ask yourself that? Mathematicians don't have that problem. What, are they smarter than god? At least they don't get lost, like this here ...
3:96 Certainly the first house appointed for men is the one at Bakkah ...
3:97 ... pilgrimage to the House is a duty which men owe to Allah — whoever can find a way to it.
After all that trouble getting to Mecca, won't it be funny when they get to Paradise and find out they were supposed to go to Israel. Whoopsie!
Line 130, usury again; ix-nay on doubling and redoubling. Hear that Bank of America? We're looking at you here.
169 Think not of those who are slain in God's way as dead. Nay, they live ...
LOL---dead ppl are still alive---LOL. That god, he's always good for a laugh, isn't he? What a joker. No, don't think of them as dead, think of them as, oh, couch potatoes; they just need a bath. Those little white worms are their pets.
Ever wonder why good things happen to bad people? God tells you in 3:178
(3:178) We grant them respite only that they may add to their sins;
Poor god, he's all conflicted again. Here he's letting ppl off so they'll sin more, other places he's punishing them so they won't. The question is not the problem of evil, it's Multiple Personality Disorder or Bipolar?

Lines 186 has god singing Poor Poor Pitiful Mo again. Getting a little old after all that looting and raising a 1,000-man army. See that's how allah tests you, by making you all rich and healthy.
3:186. You will, nonetheless, be tried with your wealth and life, ...
Woot! Try me, try me. A half million or so should convince me of the error of my ways, I think, and everybody wins; I won't have to put my oaths up on e-bay.
(3:77) There shall be no share in the Life to Come for those who sell away the covenant of Allah and their oaths for a trivial gain.
(3:187) Then they cast the Book behind their backs, and sold it away for a trivial gain. Evil indeed is their bargain.

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