Moldy Oldys

So I 'm rolling down the highway, listening to the radio, and the Rolling Stones come on with Under My Thumb and I can't help singing along, because it's a really good song, and I hate myself for it, because those are the worst lyrics in the world and it's a REALLY BAD SONG, and I'm singing it.
I wonder, when I first heard that song back in the Pliocene, did I object to it and boycott Mick Jagger's music? Of course I did, we all did, that's why the Stones never got popular.

The Koran is like that I think. You hear it when you're little and never think about it, people are reciting (not SINGING. Horrors!) it all over, and it's kind of catchy I understand, in the original Arabic, and it's not till you grow up that you start to question the lyrics. If you ever do.

Lucky for us, feminism came along and showed us the sexist lyrics.  What's gonna come along for Islam?

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