Sura 8: Spoils of WTF

Holy Shit, this is terrible. This book is supposed to be god's word to humankind, to guide them, so what does it talk about? How to divvy up the loot from a war. FFS, that's what Blackwater and Haliburton do, not god. God's supposed to be all John Lennon, “All you need is love”, and “Give peace a chance.”

If there was a war, god “the All-Merciful and All-Forgiving” wouldn't be telling you to steal everything and make slaves out of the losers, which is all this chapter talks about. If you take that out, out of seventy four verses, this is all you have left:

  Surah 8
    Revised Pacifist Version
27 Be honest.
61 Make peace with the infidels.
62-4 I'll help if they try to cheat you.
73 Infidels help each other, you should too.

That's it. All the rest of it is fight fight fight, kill, kill, kill. That's god's advice to humanity? Fuck this guy, let's  worship John Lennon.

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