Rock City

In spite of all my nitpicking, chapter 12 was pretty good cuz it told a story; I'm gonna miss it. Now we're back to the disjointed, scattered topic-hopping we know and love.

He repeats the old standbys: Abraham & Lot, the Wood people, and a spiffy new one. Chapter 15 is named Al-Hijr, after one of the cities god nuked. Sometimes they translate its name as "Stoneland" or "Rock City", for purty good reasons, yo. These guys sound pretty handy;

82. They used to hew dwellings in the mountains to live in security.

And boy those are some dwellings they hewed, too. How'd you like to set up housekeeping in one of these babies, hmm? Want! I mean, if you had to live in a desert. Clicky on the pic as usual to find out more, and there's a little photo gallery fer dreamin'.

God does more bragging and threatening, and at the end he gets all emo with his prophet;

95. We are surely sufficient to deal with those who scoff at you,

97. We are well aware that you are disheartened by what they say.

Reading that's embarrassing. It feels like I'm snooping in some teenagers diary. That's god being all Mr. Sensitive after he's laid this on us.

8. But then We never send the angels down save with the purpose (of enforcing their doom), after which they will not be given more respite.

12. We place in the hearts of sinners (disbelief).

He puts disbelief in our heart and then dooms us for not believing. Yessir, death and destruction, brought to you "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate". I feel so warm and tingly, I could just pee my pants.

Here's a something weird.

16. We have placed the signs of the Zodiac in the sky, and decked it out for those who can see;
17. And We have preserved it from every accursed devil,
18. Except the ones who listen on the sly, yet they are chased away by a shooting flame.

Say what? Chapter 37 talks about this too, with more details. It says there's a near and a far heaven. In the near one is stars & planets, which it says is an effective safegaurd (?!) against satans (there's more than one. It says “against every insolently disobedient satan”). Angels are in there discussing something, and the satans can't hear them, usually. But sometimes they can, and when that happens a shooting flame chases them away. I googled this up and got totally different explanations, as usual, so the hell with it. I'd say it means just what it says. There's a Zodiac in the sky and it shoots flames. That's easy to imagine. Why not?


Baal's Bum said...

If you remember, when I did the story of Joseph, I put forward the Idea that there was a cultural mistake. Joseph came from a culture where all women were covered apart from the face. The Egyptian women to him, would have appeared almost naked. A young horny virgin could easily have mistaken his mistresses "state of undress" as a sexual come on.So yes I think the accusation against him was correct, but I also think from his viewpoint he was not wholly guilty. Not that it in any way,should or could condone any attempted rape.
On a more personal note . How are things progressing with Beethoven ?

uzza said...

Thanks for asking; I made a new post on the little guy. You have a good idea there, I think you're right but I'm not cutting them any slack because it just matches so completely with every rape apologist everywhere.