Forgot to mention ...

What I'm calling 'verses' in the koran are called ayat, an Arabic word meaning a sign and a proof of God. Here are two such Clear Proofs:

a I’m God’s messenger, from and in the truth, brother and son to all men.

b God is in me and I’m in God and we both have a spirit of justice for the world.

These are not just ordinary verses. They were brought to us by a bearded recluse who came from the desert, having talked with God, to lead a select group including many women, who followed a Divine message to preserve the Worthy from an impending Apocalypse. Surely is there a lesson here for those who understand.

a,b Charles Manson, 1986 parole hearing.


PersonalFailure said...

I need to grow a beard?

uzza said...

yeah...and be crazy.

Baal's Bum said...

Hey I got a beard, and many would agree I am crazy