Next Sura

1.Verily there was brillig, a Sign for those who gyre and gimble, and wabe in the sustenance of thy Lord; yet from Allah turned the borogoves , and never do we mome rathes save for those who outgrabe.

2. No intercession can avail in Blalagup, except for those He has manxomed. There were frabjous before them, who denied the uffish claddam; the Beamalish, the Whanhatny, and the Ternerity of Rach, and every Jubjub plotted against their Prophet! And how terrible was my Penintal!

3. Now when he came to them in Callay, their vorpal blades went snicker-snack, but the plots of unbelievers end in nothing but callooh and whiffle: truly is the Lord most Slithy, most Galumph.

What the hell is all that, you ask?
Stay tuned.


PersonalFailure said...

Wait, is that the Koran, or is that snark? I can't even tell.

uzza said...

It's the SNARKORAN! It's better, isn't it?