I skipped right over verse 151 in sura 6. That's because I have a brain, but in North Dakota they have fuckwits. These run around causing trouble, getting into the legislature and introducing anti-abortion bills like this one, to redefine what a human being is, because y'see in ND it's hard to tell.

Section 1.1.b: "Human being" means any organism, including the single-cell human embryo, irrespective of the method of reproduction, who possesses a genome specific for and consistent with an individual member of the human species.

Well, I have a problem with that, because I have one of those growing next to my left kidney. Beethoven is an organism with the same human genome as me, and O NOES, we’re killing the little guy with radiation treatments. This is a class C felony now? Tough shit. I'm going to murder him.

Bill is here. There’s some other weird crap in there too, about incest, AIDS, pornography. Like I said, fuckwits. Somebody died and made them God, M.D., and now they're making medical decisions. “It is the finding of the legislative assembly that”, Section 2.3.a,“In no way does a child's right to life interfere with a mother's right to life”. Really? Tell that to all these pregnant baby boys. This thing is so bad even the Baby Boy Butt Bandits Brigade is against it, but I looked it up and found that Islam generally allows abortion. The koran says jack about it, but they cite this verse 6:151:

151 Say: "Come, I will rehearse what Allah hath (really) prohibited you from": Join not anything as equal with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your children on a plea of want;— We provide sustenance for you and for them;—

Yeah, see, it doesn't say you can't kill your children, it only says don't kill them because you can't support them, other reasons seem to be ok—gotta be the worst pro-choice argument ever! A better one is 23:14 that says God has to breathe the breath of life into you before you're human. Of course the bible says that too, but who am I to sneer at people's religions? ** Actually, this pro-abortion guy sounds reasonable, so inevitably there's some Mohammedan cumbags who disagree, but they're insane.


It's UZZA, bitches, and don't you forget it! Senior Sister of the Trinity, Queen of Quatar, Mistress of Mesopotamia, Dominatrix of the Desert, I play dominoes with the lives of lowly lesser gods and mere mortals, and I sneer at whatever I damn please!


PersonalFailure said...

Umm . . . yeah, I think they did just make tumors human life. That's going to be . . . unfortunate.

uzza said...

Beethoven finds your opinions speciesist and deplorable. As a respectable Tumor-American, he joins with other cancer cells in seeking equality. It very *fortunate* that this persecuted group has finally achieved one tiny step toward securing the civil rights enjoyed by other groups of cells. Those who disagree with the Tumorous lifestyle have no right to single others out for the blatant discrimination shown in this post. You are just poopy-heads.
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