God's Whorehouse

Chapter 56 uses 96 verses to say what pretty much what Cheech says above:

On Judgement day people will be divided into three groups. The bad ones will get scorching wind and drink boiling water, natch. The good ones will get shade, fruit, streams, and virginal slave-girls.

People that are especially good go in a third group, and they'll recline on gold couches, while "youths of never-ending bloom"(17) will give them non-alcoholic wine, fruit and bird meat, and slave-girls. And all they will hear is "peace, peace".

Slavery. In heaven.

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Freidenker85 said...

I think they can just skip the middle-man, here. Since heaven for the righteous is probably hell for the slave-girls, you can pretty much send all the "bad people" as re-incarnated virgin fuck-puppets for all the righteous Muslims.

Is that cost-effective, or what?