Obama vs Mohammed

Obama is so not a muslim.
He was just sworn in as President of the US, and all the news shows are talking about how they managed to flub up the Oath of Office. Obama noticed right away when Roberts said it wrong, and he wouldn't repeat it till it was right, but then when he did hear it right, he said it wrong himself! This for a short little verse they both knew by heart! It's funny, kinda, but nobody is really upset about it because we all know that's just how human language works, right?

Now compare that to the koran. Supposedly somebody wrote down Mohammed's big long speeches, without ever making a mistake. Muslim zealots say it is the literal words of god, but they also say god didn't say it: god never spoke directly to Mo like he did to Moses, much less wrote things down like he did for Joe. It was the angel Jibreel that appeared and spoke to Mo. First god said it to Jibreel, then Jibreel said it to Mohammed, then somebody else wrote it down, and in all that, nobody ever once made a single mistake. Supposedly.

I guess they just don't make Messiahs like they used to.

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