I Warned You, Mutherfukker.

Surah 26 has prophets galore; Moses, Abraham, Noah, Ad, Thamud, Lot, and those mysterious People of the Wood. It's the same story every time, with different actors: God sends a message, they ignore it, god kills them all. You'd think god would wise up and change his tactics after a few million deaths, but somebody seems to be telling him “Heck of a job, God.” And every story ends by saying how god is mighty and merciful. Wait ... What? How is he merciful when he kills everybody? They explain it.

208. Never have We destroyed a habitation till We had sent admonishers to them
209. To warn. For We are never unjust.
See, he warned them first. So that's OK then. Reminds me of something I saw on the news lately.

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