the First Commandment

We're up to line 9-or-so in sura 35 and so far we've got:
Don't believe imaginary creatures; WIFL; and some unanswered questions---

The world beguiles me—How?
God promised something—What?
I have to do right—How?
I have to believe—What?
I can be forgiven—For what?

Let's see what else we can learn from it. About those people that god leads astray, Line 9-or-so ends with "... so do not waste away your self with grief for them." In other words, we shouldn't have any sympathy for people. An innocent kid who never does anything wrong gets led off to be tortured forever in Hell, and we should just sip our lattes and not bat an eye. Great advice there, from their ALL-MERCIFUL, LOVING god. But at least it gives us some actual real advice—don't care about others. Commandment #1, got it.

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