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Mighty Mother Moon
Verse 38 changes the subject to YGS, and asks someone—I guess the Moon cultists, to show what their gods have created (as if he'd done so himself) and asks if they have a book (as if he had one himself). That seems pretty easy to counter. All they had to do was the same thing he was doing---make shit up:
The Mighty Mother Moon hath created the earth and all that is on it. She guides the stars through the heavens, and leads the rise and fall of the tides. Written on Her face are the Sacred Squiggles, which record the words of our Lord Most High in the Sky, for those who understand. But those who hath not wisdom, they see only silly pictures thereon, and invent invisible gods with invisible books that say dumb stuff.

Damn, this is easy. I've converted myself!
True Lies
New topic
28 the koran is true and verifies what was before it Another meme; MIBIT. What was before it was the Popul Vuh in Mexico, the Tao Te Ching in China, the Upanishads in India. “God” would know about these, but Mo wouldn't, so we can pretty well assume he means the Bible, and Christians have the word of god too. Trouble is, 'verify' doesn't mean 'contradict'. Either this line is a lie or some other lines are, like this one .... (3:45) Verily they are unbelievers who say: "The Messiah, son of Mary, is God." I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't verify that! For that matter neither does 3:45: "...one whose name will be Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary...” but now I'm just being pissy. And then, get a load of the end of v43—...For you shall not find any alteration in the course of Allah; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah.
One word—ABROGATION. ---------------------------

Suck It!

New topic
29 I gave the book to those I chose, and of them, if they follow it they get a reward...
Then 30 he describes the reward---gardens, dressed in silk clothes with gold and pearl bracelets. Bling, wow, I'm sumpthin like a pimp! And these bling-wearers 31-32 will praise god for putting them there. And they'll never get tired of their gold. Forever.
Mo can't mention heaven without getting a hard-on for hell, so predict a loving description of tortures next, and here it comes, predictable as sunshine, 33-35, and get this, when they beg for mercy god will tell them to suck it. Literally: 35 And there came to you a warner! So taste it, for the unjust shall have none to help!’
A “most benevolent, ever-merciful" god who mocks his victims after he leads them astray? How could anything possibly justify god acting like this? And if he did, how could any decent person worship him? ---------------------------

Death to Pandas!

cute panda pic
Finally, at the end of sura 35, God stays on topic! For seven lines! A record! The moon god people swore they'd follow a prophet if one came, but they aren't doing it (presupposing Mo is one) they keep doing the same old shit, so GWFYU, like in the old days. They should've traveled around and seen ruins of others that god has wiped out, and god'll do it to them too, see, and if god gave men what they deserve, (44 or so) “not a living being would be left upon the earth....” You gotta question the logic here. Man sins, so all those Koala bears and Pandas and bunny rabbits have to die. And he'll do it too, just ask Noah. But, ... “but He respites them till an appointed time”; Then GWFYU. Dudes, you keep using that word most benevolent, ever-merciful; it doesn't mean what you think it means.

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