The koran keeps doing this weird thing where it'll say something, and then it'll add a blurb like, verily, He is clement, forgiving. Sometimes they are separate, other times the translators use a semi-colon or a comma so you'll think it's part of the sentence. Here's one. In 35:27 it says god made everything—earth, fruit, cattle—so smart people fear god. That's none too logical, but then it tacks on that god is almighty and all-forgiving. Almighty, sure if he made the world, but what's with forgiving? For what? Same question as before, still no answer; and if he's forgiving that's even less reason to fear him. This would have made sense if they tacked it onto the previous line: GWYU, so fear him. But that would be logical.

It does it again in v39/41. After claiming his god is maintainence man for the heavens, Mo adds that god is forbearing and forgiving ... huh? For the umpteenth time, what's he forgiving? And what's it got to do with maintaining the earth? Is it proof of his forgiving-ness that he doesn't let the earth fall apart? How are these ideas related? I wasted a lot of brain cells trying to link these weird add-ons to the rest of the sentence, but I've finally figured them out. They're ejaculations! An ejaculation is “a short, intense, prayer”, as the nuns in catholic school told us, with completely straight faces, in middle school. LOL.

They don't mean anything, they're just the speaker's emotions overflowing out his mouth. Like Meg Ryan in the picture, or a jihadist yelling “god is great” when he shoots you. There's no point trying to figure out what they mean—just ignore them.

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