the Miracle of 19?!

Thanks to an anonymous troll for pointing out that I missed this whole issue, and by missed I mean purposely ignored so I wouldn't have to descend to the level of drooling imbecility needed to even talk about it. Basically, some guy wasted a good portion of his life doing numerology with the koran, and claims the number 19 words repeats miracle numeral something.

Specifically, he babbles about the Miracle of 19, and how god spelled some names wrong in chapter 27, therefore we must write NUN instead of the N god wrote, cuz if you change god's stuff the gematrical values, [ (yeah, I looked it up--it's a numerical substitution code that has mystical significance] the gematrical values of a lot of random numbers add up to the number of chapter 68, Hallelujah! Or something. Here, maybe you can figure it out. Anybody with an actual education would know immediately why this is beyond pathetic, but if your school consisted of memorizing random syllables out of a holy book you maybe need this explanation.

He bases all his mumbo-jumbo on 74:30 where it says “over it are 19.” Nobody has ever known what that meant, so he came up with this bogus explanation and wrote a book. He insists it's a miracle because, because, well god said so looky here in verse 35 "[74:35] This is one of the great miracles." Look how other people have translated that line:

(35) That "Saqar" is one of many pits of Hell that is ghastly and immense,
(35) it (the moon) truly is one of the greatest of all things,
(35) Surely it (the Qur’an) is of the greatest (of God’s signs);
(35) Verily, it (- the Fire of Hell) in itself is one of the great calamities,
(35) That Hell too is a somber reality.
(35) Indeed hell is one of the greatest entities.
(35) Verily it is one of the greatest woes.

Do you get the feeling this guy might be ... uhh ...not entirely reliable? Did I mention drooling imbeciles?
Don't blame me, I wasn't even gonna mention it.

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Anonymous said...

Notice that there were 19 hijackers on 9/11. Divine Mathematics at work!!