Even More sura 35

In v10 god calls himself 'god' and 'we' in the same sentence (again), sez resurrection will be like rain on a dry earth... Oohh kay, whatever... and v11 is a new topic, a bumbling way of saying people don't get any credit when they do good, but get punished when they do bad.

Still hasn't told us what's bad, except for having sympathy for people. (Maybe there's some logical connection between these sentences? Maybe on resurrection day people will finally get some credit? Nahh, none of the other sentences have been related to each other, there's no reason to assume these two are. God hates context.)
It seems to go with line 5. Satan beguiles you and you get punished, but it's god that leads you astray, so God is Satan? I'm so confused.
12-15 New tangent: god made and sustains everything, oceans, night and day, etc. but the other gods can't do anything. Not only that, on judgment day the ungrateful twits will deny you ever worshipped them. WTF? Why would they do that? At any rate, it confirms that other gods exist, even describing what they can and can't do. So this contradicts the first pillar of Islam, “ There is no god but Allah...”. So the Koran is unislamic. Who knew?

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