Roger Ailes for President?

I don't understand this.    Earlier on I blogged about how the Sith Lords contributed brazillions of dollars to keep from having to tell people what they're eating, and sure enough it worked, the people voted democracy out the door.  Rachael had the details.

Cliff note:  Everybody in the state wanted labels + corporations donated millions of dollars =  no labels.  Same old same old in the Homeland, but here's what I don't get.

Where does all that money go?  Sure, to bribe politicians but in this case they had an election. People voted.  Haven't heard anyone was handing them bundles of cash to vote 'no' so what made them?

Ad campaigns, is what I hear. Now I quit watching TV over twenty years ago, but as I understand it people plop down in front of those things for a good portion of their lives to absorb obvious propaganda, then go do whatever it tells them, mostly to go buy useless crap. Only, don't at least some people still have the synapses to ignore the obvious bullshit for something this important .

If I spent trillion of dollars to run enough ads saying eating shit was yummy and nutritious, would we see a massive trend of people chowing down on raw sewage?

Come to think of it ... 

If we're just going to do whatever we see the most ads for, Let's just shitcan the government and let the richest advertiser run the country.  Cut out the middleman

Humans baffle me.

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