the future is calling

Y'know what's really cool? That you you have hands and fingers, and can pick up little things, like quarters, and now, SO CAN LIAM!

Some guys were mucking around with robotics, lady had a kid with no fingers, she talked to them and they built this thing for Liam.

Awesome?  It gets better.  The two guys are making their designs open source,  posted to the MakerBot Thingiverse.

Awesomer? It gets better.  The guys put a video on Youtube, where a guy from Massachusetts saw it who had a son without fingers too. But the guys, are in South Africa. No problem!  They did it all over the internet and used a 3D printer to run out a new hand for Leon.

Awesomer yet. Instead of the thousands of dollars this usually costs, they did it for like ten bucks. 

When I think of all the injured, war-damaged, birth defected children in the world, the difficulties of helping them, and the possibilities of this,  I'm just  overwhelmed.

Yeah, yeah, some dick made a working gun with a 3d printer too. Fuck him.  This is something to talk about.   And those inventors, Rich Van As and Ivan Owens, that aren't holding out to make money off this thing,  THEY are saints.


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