October Lynx

And here I thought Lysistra was fiction!
Unsung Hero of the day = This guy. Hard to believe story, the state ordered this nursing home closed, so everybody just went home. All the residents there who are depending on you to keep them alive?
Fuck'em. I'm not getting paid—let'em die.
Well this guy thought that was wrong, and wouldn't leave until they got what they need. He's still not getting paid, and he's still out there doing what's right. Mad props.


Well, I'll be damned, The last survivor of the atomic bomb dropped on South Carolina has just died. I live there and I didn't even know about this. 'Course, I'm twenty miles from a national park and most of the people I talk to have never been there or even know it exists, so there's that.

Show this guy some love. He's suing the NSA and Dept of Homeland Stupidity, and you gotta love that. Why? Because they're trying to shut him down for using their stupid logos. Bookmark this page for your Winter Solstice shopping --- lotta win in some of these shirts'n stuff.

In news that will surprise no one, the cop who shot down a 13 year old appears to be a gun-waving nutjob.

How big is Africa? Pretty damn, is how

We're Number One! Uhhh.... yay?

Today's grammar lesson:
Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse. 

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