Screwie Louie


Sometimes I waffle; these guys can't possibly be so stupid as to believe what comes out of their own mouths, the only explanation is they are being paid to spout crap.

 the perennial question, stupid or evil?

Then along comes Screwie Louie to idiotsplain what to do if your baby's brain never develops.

shouldn’t we wait, ... and see if the child can survive before we decide to rip him apart?"

Yeah right, jackass, let him be born and then decide if you should abort. It's settled, then.

 Evil AND Stupid

 Terrifyingly, this imbecile used to be a judge. He wants the US to be like El Salvador where a trip to the hospital can get you life in prison for something you never even knew about.
He's getting his wish, too. 


 unborn-children-now have-lawyers-women don't

In South Carolina alone, an estimated 300 women have been arrested for actions taken during pregnancy. 
Christine Taylor of Iowa found herself arrested and sent to jail after she fell down the stairs while pregnant.
South Carolina’s Regina McKnight was sentenced to 20 years for having a stillbirth.
Rennie Gibbs of Mississippi age 15 faces life in jail after a miscarriage, 

Alabama Mother of 3 Amanda Kimborough faces 10 years behind bars if convicted of miscarriage

There's even lawyers who specialize in these types of cases.

(source: Talks Many Moons,  from two years ago! )

This is scary, scary shit.

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