man hates himself, LOL

This is priceless. 
Racist asshole gets his ass handed on TV to him when they show his DNA is part black!

 "No blacks allowed in my all white town" sez he. LULZ! that includes you, asshole!  Fourteen percent mudblood,  LMAO!  I hope everyone starts calling him an octoroon.  Schadenfreude, it haz a flavor.

The Mail Online has a good write up of the situation.
I had these bookmarked as updates, before this happened.
Latest developments in Leith, ND
That's some asshole named Al Borgman. The Duttons already are there, that makes four untermenschen in town.

Good Plan! These new guys can be residents, which means they can vote 

New zoning laws, gotta have water and sewer hookups, no tents. 

I still say:  can buy flags but can't buy a can of paint; have time to harass people but not to clean up their yard.  The master race are slobs.

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