A genetically modified fable

Update, Democracy concedes. See scorecard at bottom. 

"Excuse me, but this food you served us? I think there's something wrong with it."

"Don't be silly, it's good for you."

"It has a funny chemical taste. What's in it?"

"I'm not going to tell you."

"We're all getting nauseous, I think this food is poisoned.  Tell us what's in it!"

"Fuck you, I'm rich."
--- or, ---

Way long time ago, in a mythical land that probably only existed in our imaginations but was still a nice place to aspire to, there was an ISSUE.  Since this mythical land was a DEMOCRACY, the people put the ISSUE up for a vote. 350,000 people voted YES! Only 10 people voted NO!  So the land did what the 13,000 people wanted, and everyone was happy, even the ten people.

But an evil wizard cast a spell over the land, and all was changed. When there was an ISSUE, instead of counting their votes the people counted their MONEY. The 13,000 people had TWENTY FIVE dollars! The ten people had HALF A MILLION dollars. So the not-so-mythical land did what the ten people wanted, and fuck everybody else.

Washington state is trying to get ingredients listed on GMO products. The makers of Napalm, Agent Orange, and Bhopal don't wanna.
Update,  latest score:
    93% of the population:   550 
                ten so-called "people" :  21,000,000

Democracy concedes.

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