How not to pick up women

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So right down the street from here, at a nice classy bar downtown a drunk old fart, who happens to be  a cop but off duty so effectively a civilian, starts bothering a woman who happens to be US Marine.  She's 23 and hot, he's 49 and not--definitely.  So what does he do?

Goes out to his car, gets his badge and handcuffs, and gun (!), brings them in, cuffs her hands behind her back, tortures her by twisting the cuffs and her arms, slams her head into a metal table so hard it breaks, while screaming at her and threatening to arrest anybody who interferes.  Sluttywhorecuntbitch had it coming, right?

For once, no.  The real cops came and--shock--arrested the fucker.   Surprise bonus--he got fired and charged with assault and battery.

Well, whaddaya know.

D'ya spose it's a coincidence that this same sheriff's department he works for has it's very own APC, "the Peacemaker", that it calls out about once a month.  They're proud as hell of it, here is it
A real babe magnet, eh? And yes, that's a belt fed 50 caliber machine gun sitting up there. The suit palying with his balls is the local Sheriff.

The attitude spreads like an infection.  You use overwhelming force to arrest pot smokers, why not use it to pick up chicks?  Expect more of this.

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Margarita said...

Oh wow, that is really disgusting